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We are pleased to announce the Alewife Corridor Collaborative Resilience Symposium on January 19th & 20th, 2018, co-sponsored by Tufts University and Earthos Institute.  To register and for more details:


Given the recent record breaking superstorms and cold snaps, combined with New England’s significant hurricane record, and Alewife’s crucial flood vulnerabilities (low grade poor drainage, pollution hot spots, drinking water sources, key transportation corridor, Mystic Lakes), this is a very timely and needed symposium.  


Resilience affects us all and touches on every aspect of our lives. It affects our health and safety, our ability to move around the city, our capacity to access basic needs such as housing and food, our collective ability to respond to emergencies such as blizzards and hurricanes, how we develop our communities and utilize open space, and how we relate to (and partner!) with ecosystems and other animals and plants.


In other words, it takes a rather large village to build resilience - all of us! Through this symposium we seek to support collaborative resilience in the Alewife area by bringing together community actors, municipal and state government, university researchers, and local and regional nonprofits to begin a process of creating a collaborative resilience vision/agenda for the Alewife Corridor. 


The organizing resilience themes for the panels include: flooding & storm surge, hazardous sites & rising water table, climate change, water quality, biodiversity and open space, collaborative infrastructure, emergency preparedness, and social justice and community health. We are working to include perspectives from local/municipal, state agencies, researcher/experts on each panel. Each panel will convene with 3-4 panelists and a moderator, followed by a discussion with attendees.

January 19th & 20th, 2018


For other questions and comments, email Conference Co-Organizer: 

Sarah Howard

Executive Director, Earthos Institute (501c3)

1310 Broadway, Somerville, MA


Flooding & Storm Surge
Hazardous Site & Rising Water Table
Climate Change
Collaborative Infrastructure
Biodiversity & Open Space
Water Quality
Water Quality
Water Quality
Emergency Preparedness
Social Justice & Community Health
Local Biodiversity

Tufts University

Departments & Programs:

Environmental Studies (Symposium Co-Host)

Tufts Institute of the Environment

Biology, Anthropology & Chemistry

Schönfeldt Foundation

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